2020 – uddelt 129.993,50 kr.

  • Johan Hermansen, MD, Århus
    ’The predictive performance of renal ultrasonographic perfusion measures on changes in renal clearance in response to fluid therapy’
    53.393,50 kr.
  •  Asger Granfeldt, MD, Århus
    ’A clinically relevant cardiac arrest animal model and intervention with thiamine’
    38.300 kr.
  • Thomas Lass Klitgaard, MD, Aalborg
    ‘Higher versus lower oxygenation targeting in critically ill adults with acute hypoxaemic
    respiratory failure: A preplanned sub-study of the Handling Oxygenation Targets in the
    Intensive Care Unit (HOT-ICU) trial’
    38.300 kr.

2019 – uddelt 130.000 kr.

  • Johan Erik Larsson, MD, Hillerød
    ’The impact of endotheliopathy on acute respiratory failure in the intensive care unit
    50.000 kr.
  • Simon Mølstrøm, MD, Odense
    ‘Bedside monitoring of cerebral energy state during peri-cardiac arrest period – Blood
    pressure targets in post resuscitation care’
    50.000 kr.
  • Brandt Bukan, MD, Herlev
    ‘Poentially non-beneficial treatment in cancer patients: a national study including
    associative factors and changes over time’
    30.000 kr.

2018 – uddelt 110.000 kr.

  • Mik Wetterslev, MD, Rigshospitalet
    ’New-onset atrial fibrillation in the intensive care unit (AFIB-ICU)’
    30.000 kr.
  • Nina Christine Andersen-Ranberg, MD, Køge
    ‘Agents intervening against delirium in the intensive care unit (AID-ICU)’
    30.000 kr.
  • Olav Lilleholt Schjørring, MD, Aalborg
    ’Handling oxygenation targets in the intensive care unit (HOT-ICU)’
    30.000 kr.
  • Lumholdt, MD, Hjørring
    ’Anvendelighed af matematisk konverteret venøse til arterielle blodgas værdier i akutte
    10.000 kr.